Data Provenance/Derivation Workshop Position Papers and Talks

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Position Papers

Apples and Apple-shaped Oranges: Equivalence of Data Returned on Subsequent Queries with Provenance Information

Richard Cavanaugh1, Greg Graham2,
University of Florida1, Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory2

Citations, Certificates and Object References

Christoph Koch
LFCS, University of Edinburgh, UK

Computing Provenance and Annotations for Views

Peter Buneman1, Sanjeev Khanna2, Wang-Chiew Tan3,,
University of Edinburgh1, University of Pennsylvania2, UC Santa Cruz3

Data Annotations in Collaborative Research Environments

Michael Gertz
University of California at Davis

Data Archiving

Peter Buneman1, Sanjeev Khanna2, Keishi Tajima3, Wang-Chiew Tan4;,
University of Edinburgh1, University of Pennsylvania2, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology3, UC Santa Cruz3

Data Product Configuration Management and Versioning in Large-Scale Production of Satellite Scientific Data Production

Bruce R. Barkstrom
Atmospherica Sciences Data Center, NASA Langley Research Center

Data Provenance

Joel Saltz

Data Provenance and Preservation

Michael Lesk

Data Provenance in the CMCS

Carmen Pancerella, Jim Myers, Larry Rahn,,

Design Constraints for Scientific Annotation Systems

James Myers
Computational Science and Mathematics, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Lineage Issues for Scientific Data and Information

James Frew, Rajendra Bose
University of California, Santa Barbara

Managing Scientific Models in Structural Genomic Projects updated*

Maria Cláudia Cavalcanti, Maria Luiza Campos, Marta Mattoso
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Modeling Data Product Generation

Bill Howe, Dave Maier,
Oregon Health & Science University

Musing on Provenance, Workflow and (Semantic Web) Annotations for Bioinfomatics

Carole Goble
University of Manchester

Satisifying the Tax Collector: Using Data Provenance as a way to audit data analyses in High Energy Physics

Richard Cavanaugh1, Greg Graham2, Mike Wilde3,,
University of Florida1, Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory2, Argonne National Laboratory3

Some Data Derivation and Provenance Issues in Astronomy

Bob Mann
Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh and National E-Science Centre

Some Thoughts on Data Derivation and Provenance

Peter Fox
High Altitude Observatory, National Center for Atmospheric Research

The Grid: Requirements for Establishing the Provenance of Derived Data

Dave Pearson
Oracle UK

The Virtual Data Grid: A New Model and Architecture for Data-Intensive Collaboration

Ian Foster1,2, Jens Vockler2, Michael Wilde1, Yong Zhao2
{foster,wilde}, {voeckler,yongzh}
Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory1
Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago2


Archiving Biological Databases (ppt)

By Wang-Chiew Tan

Computing Provenance and Annotations for Views (ppt)

By Wang-Chiew Tan

Data Management Issues for an Environmental Observation and Forecasting System (ppt)

By Bill Howe, Dave Maier

Data Provenance Workshop - bioinfomatics (ppt)

By Natalia Maltsev

Deep Thoughts after < 15 minutes of Reflection (ppt)

By Michael Franklin, Jim Frew

From the Web to Digital Libraries to Cyberinfrastructure (ppt)

By Michael Lesk

Grid Data Requirements Scoping Metadata & Provenance (ppt)

By Dave Pearson

Managing Scientific Models in Structural Genomic Projects (ppt)

By Maria Claudia Cavalcanti et al.

Public Access to Large Astronomical Datasets (ppt)

By Alex Szalay, Jim Gray

Some Provenance & Data Derivation Issues in Astronomy (ppt)

By Bob Mann

The Craft of Annotation (ppt)

By Carole Goble

Versioning and Archiving

Production Environment
Tying Versioning to Provenance and Anotation
By Bruce Barkstrom

Workflow session (ppt)

By Mike Wilde et al.